Finally, you don't have to switch the program to find something

Tivi application is designed in a way, so you will always find everything fast.

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Simple access to most visited information

During our survey, we found out that people are most interested in current and evening program. We gave users the option to easily switch between these sections. We have also added one more useful function – best movie of the day. Best movies are displayed according to the ratings on website

play trailer

Do you want to watch the trailer?

When we talk about the best movie of the day, why not allow users to watch trailers? Most of the best movies allow you to do so, thus you can assure yourself, whether you really want to see that movie.

Are you a fan of TV series?

You won't miss any episode with this application. If you are setting a reminder in the TV series, Tivi mobile application will ask you, whether you want to be reminded about every episode. So, it will never happen to you that you will miss an episode of your favourite TV series.

Reminder settings in mobile app Sending messages from mobile app

You have to see this movie!

Is your friend a movie fan? Let him know about his favourite movie via clicking the button “Send to a friend”. We know that writing long emails in smartphones
is inconvenient, therefore we will fill the text for you.

Do you not care about romantic movies or documentaries?

If you want to, we will only show you those genres in TV program, which you are interested in. So, you do not have to waste your time going through the list of movies and TV series, which you wouldn't watch anyway. You can set up your favourite genres by a simple click.

Your own settings in mobile app

Did you forget when and where the good movie is on?

Have you seen trailer of a perfect movie, but you do not remember, which TV station is it on? Enter at least part of the name of the movie to the search field and Tivi mobile application will search it for you. Simple, isn't it? And of, course searching has many other well-know advantages.

search in mobile app

What if I am not interested in some TV channels?

Not every TV channel is interesting for you. In section TV channels you can not only set up the order of TV channels, which will affect the home screen, but you can also hide them. Thus, you will only have available stations which are interesting for you.

Have the best a week ahead

In section recommended movies you will find best movies for a whole week ahead. You can be sure, that you will know everything about these movies.

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design of android mobile app

Larger version of icon with sharp details

Invisible details

The smallest details are determining the feelings you will have from using the mobile application. Despite that, these components help you to orientate and follow you to fulfil some tasks, they also create a first impression. Therefore we care about every pixel. Whether it is a simple button, rounded edge, shadow, or the icon of application itself, visual design is important for us.

icon of mobile app

Icon on the display of your smartphone

mobile app for android
mobile app for ios

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